Saturday, December 31, 2011

good-bye 2011...

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It's New Years Eve!!! 
Tonight, I will be staying home with my family, eating yummy food & playing scrabble!! :) That is my ideal way to celebrate!! However you will be ringing in the New Year, I hope you have a blessed time with those you love! 

Of course, 2011 wasn't perfect, but it really was a great year!!
Here are a few of my fun memories from 2011...
(through my blog posts)

I took a roadtrip to Ohio to visit my aunt!
I went to several Rockies games!! We met the coach & a few of the players.
I discovered the best homemade brownie recipe.
My cousin got married & I got to take photos of her sweet little girl. (more photos)
I cut over 10 inches off my hair to donate for women with breast cancer.
I learned how to make pretty chevron bracelets.
I read through the whole book of Psalms & it really blessed me.
I had a really fun day in the mountains with my mom & sister.
 My love for Jane Austen grew... I read Sense & Sensiblity & Emma.
I took silly "photo-booth" snapshots with family & friends!
I ate alot of little tomatoes, right from the garden!
I went to "Water World" with my family & actually got some really fun pictures!

In 2011, my blog grew a lot (thanks to all of you!) & my etsy shop was successful!
I read several good books & I even got a Kindle to read even more this year!
I did two Beth Moore studies on Daniel & Revelation and I grew so much from both of them!
Just sitting here, there are so many blessings that come to my mind & I am full of JOY!!

Sometimes it's easiest to only think about the negative things from the past... But one of the reasons why I love to blog is so that I can look back at my life, my memories & see how much God has blessed me!! It is always so good to take time to reflect on what God has done for us! He loves us so much! :)

God is the giver of all good gifts!
I will praise God for the past year & for the new one to come!

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  1. thank you for following me and entering my giveaway! i'm so excited you did (:

    i love the book of psalms also. it's so comforting. happy new year!