Tuesday, August 9, 2011

journey through jane austen...

A few years ago I really started to fall in love with Jane Austen's books (& the movie adaptations...) there is something so special about escaping to the charming English countryside in the early 1800s. I love the style, the language and the stories of life & love from back then... I guess, I first fell in love when I saw Pride & Prejudice (the 2005 Keira Knightley version)... I know there are many debates about the different movie versions, but this one will always be my favorite, because it was pretty much where it all started for me. (In my opinion, the movie was cast perfectly and the cinematography & music were done so beautifully that I could just watch it over & over again...) After watching the movie, I definitely wanted to read the book... and as I read the book, I really enjoyed getting more into the story, as it was originally written! Since then I made it a goal to read all of Jane Austen’s books...

Just recently I finished reading Sense & Sensibility! Except this time, I had not seen the movie yet, so it was fun to first see the story unfold in the pages of the book this time! I really enjoyed the story of the Miss Dashwoods and their relationship with each other... I love how they are so different, as represented in the title of the book. Yet they love each other so much... it's a wonderful story!

Over the weekend, I was so excited to finally get to watch the movie...

I loved seeing the interpretations of the characters from the book to the movie. I think that the characters were really well cast & acted! Emma Thompson wrote the screenplay and played Elinor! She was very good in the role, and even though she was quite a bit older then Elinor is in the book, she made the part very believable. Kate Winslet played "sensibility" perfectly, just as I imagined she would! They are both amazing actresses, so that alone made the movie so good! I also really loved Alan Rickman, as Colonel Brandon, such a gentleman! :) It was really wonderfully done and for a 2-hour movie it covered the whole book very well!

This movie is definitely on my favorites list now! :)
Do you have a favorite movie adaptation of a Jane Austen book?


  1. My Momma, sister, and I love that version of Sense and Sensibility!

    I adore the mini-series version of Pride and Prejudice! (The one with Collin Firth and Jennifer Ehle.)

    I'm glad you are enjoying the "world" of Jane Austen!


  2. P.S. I just added one of your pretty blog buttons to my "blogs I love" section on my blog! =D

  3. I bought her complete works on my Kindle for some insanely good price (I think it was $1.99 for all books) so I've been reading my way through her too and loving it. I haven't seen the movie either; going to add it to Netflix now :)

  4. oh Sarah so pretty i just enjoy the movies for now. i hope that when i have the time to read one day i will get to read some Jane Austen. such a fine style.

  5. Now, you have me wanting to read the books! I love the Pride and Prejudice mini-series.