Sunday, December 4, 2011

weekend snapshots...

December is such a busy month, full of so many things to do... but it's so important to remember to slowdown and cherish the quite & relaxing times when they do come! In the quite time that I had this weekend, I finished up the very last page of the Beth Moore study that I was doing (with ladies in my church) on Revelation! I had a goal to complete it on time & I accomplished it! The LORD taught me so much through that study & I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to do it! And, on Saturday night, I sat down with a hot bowl of homemade soup and watched a cute Hallmark Christmas movie, "A Princess for Christmas", with my mom & sister... I love little things like that! :) However, there were a few other things going on this weekend that kept me pretty busy too....

...Saw the Nutcracker Ballet! Oh, to be able to dance like that... & the music! I loved it!
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (from Nutcracker Suite - Christmas - x-mas - xmas - classical - ballet).mp3 by Tchaikovsky on Grooveshark

...Ate blueberry waffles, made in a new waffle maker! They turned out perfect!

...Made *a lot* of cupcakes for a missions luncheon that was at my church today! 

...Did a little more Christmas decorating! I have a lot more to do though! :)

I hope your weekend was wonderful, too!! :)


  1. Aw I want to go see that! Great way to start the holiday season! :)

  2. The Nutcracker, waffles, and cupcakes?! I'm about to pass out. :)

  3. the cupcakes look divine! i have never seen the nutcracker live...i need to do that.