Sunday, July 17, 2011

OVER THE WEEKEND: rockies baseball

i am a big fan of Colorado Rockies Baseball! A BIG FAN!!
& on Saturday, my family & i went to a game! it was their annual "fan photo day", so my sister & i got photos with some of the guys, which was amazing!! & even though they lost, by only one point & because of a really bad call.... it was still a really fun game!! :)

^ with Ubaldo Jimenez (starting pitcher)
^ with Dexter Fowler (outfielder)
^ with Jim Tracy (manager) such a nice guy!! :)
^ with Jonathan Herrera (second baseman)
^ with Matt Daley (reliever)
(love the high socks!!!)

& another beautiful colorado sky over coors field....
what a wonderful time we had! :)


  1. Awesome!!! I LOVE baseball!

  2. love your photography, the colors are so whimsical and very inspiring!

  3. Wow this is awesome and your pictures are great!!