Thursday, July 28, 2011

my first chevron bracelet...

since it's been so hot outside, my favorite thing to do is stay where it's nice & cool... making woven chevron bracelets! (it's my fun alternative to knitting, which i don't do a lot of during the summer...)
yesterday i finished my first bracelet & i love how it turned out!!
they are so easy to make... & the finished product is so cute! :)
now i have to start working on 2 more, for my best friends ever, my mom & sister

what colors would you choose for your bracelet?


  1. oh I loved making those in school long ago! I think I would make one in aqua, lime and coral if I made one today. Yours is lovely!

  2. ohhh i love sweet summertime!
    thanks for adding the link to the braclets! i think i'm going to make a few. youres look so perfect and pretty!

  3. These are pretty! Love the colors you used.!/MandyCrandell