Thursday, December 29, 2011


I took my pup to get groomed! This photo is right after we got home! They did a great job at getting a lot of her dead hair out & she is so soft now! They even gave her a little bandanna! CUTE!! :)

However, in this picture, she is definitely giving me "the look"... She was mad! When I dropped her off, the fear in her eyes was breaking my heart... :(  I did give her a couple of treats though & now she is a happy dog again! 

I love my doggie!!


  1. Aw what a sweetie! :) Lover her new little bandana!

  2. She's so beautiful! They always hate getting baths and being groomed, but I know they feel so much better after.

  3. Oh, she looks so sweet! At least she was quick to forgive :)