Friday, May 20, 2011

amish country in ohio.

when i visit my aunt in ohio, i always love to see the amish buggies riding down the road & the little amish children in their cute clothes playing outside! the amish have always been interesting to me... & even though i don't quite understand the amish lifestyle, there is something that i admire about the simple way they live their lives...

we saw one of their school houses on the way to the amish store, to get some of the special "trail bologna" & cheeses that they make... yumm! that is always a favorite souvenir to bring home!

& here is a shot of an amish buggy going down the road... i actually took this photo while we were at the gas station filling up the car with gas that was $4.09 a gallon! hmm... maybe they do have the right idea with this... haha!!!

we also went over to the amish "country furniture" store, wish is just down the road from where my aunt lives! they really do make the most beautiful wood furniture, their store was full of so many beautiful pieces!

while we were at the furniture store, they had a table set up with the most amazing baked goodies for the store's visitors! they had the most delicious baked doughnuts, filled with bavarian cream & topped with carmel frosting, ahhh!!! & they had warm, buttery, salty homemade soft pretzels! i could have gone back for more, over & over again... i am wishing for some right now! amish food is so good! (it's a miracle i didn't gain 10 pounds on this trip!)

they had adirondack chairs sitting outside for sale... they are my favorite!! maybe someday i will have one just like this... the color is perfect!!

& the funnest thing there was this huge adirondack chair that they had for sale in front of the store! so, of course, we had to climb up in it for some photos!! it was really fun!!! :)

these pretty horses were in the field next to the store!
i love these shots of them...
this colt was the cutest, especially when he was running around! awe....

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