Thursday, June 2, 2011

short hair.

so... yesterday, i got 11 inches cut off my hair! wow!!!
it has definitely been an adjustment... but so far, i am liking it!
(i think i will like it even more when it grow out just a little bit...)
i will be donating my hair to beautiful lengths, in memory of my grandma, who passed away from cancer 6 years ago. also, for my other grandma & my great aunt, who have battled cancer & both lost their hair... here is a photo of me & my sister with them (taken in 2009). they both had chemo at the same time & here they are wearing their wigs... they are so special! ♥


  1. Good for you!!!!

    That cut looks great on you!

    It is truly wonderful to be able to bless someone else in such a seemingly simple way.

  2. Oooo! Looks fabulous! Cute as can be! This is the second blog in a row I've read about girls cutting their hair for the summer. I'm contemplating cutting mine... Maybe I should go for it!

  3. aw that is really good of you! and your haircut looks fab.x

  4. You look gorgeous!!!! I'm happy that you chose Beautiful Lengths! :)

  5. LOVE it! this is so awesome that you are donating it! thanks for sharing pics!