Monday, May 23, 2011

inspired by: braids

here is some pretty inspiration for your monday...
over the weekend, i bought one of these braided leather bracelets from something monumental. awe, they are so pretty.... i got one in teal, even though i really wanted one in every color!!
lately i have been so inspired by braids!! right now i have pretty long hair, so lately i have been enjoying braiding it more... soon, i will be cutting it (to donate) so i only have a little while left to enjoy it this long! it reminds me of when i was little, because my grandma always used to braid my hair! :)

anyway, i recently joined pinterest, which helped me to find all of this pretty inspiration... so fun!! (be sure to check out the rest of my "braid" themed pinterest board.) these are such pretty & "grown-up" ways to wear braids...

& i love this really cute idea from martha stewart.
i will definitely be trying to make this pie crust this summer...

hope you all have a lovely monday!


  1. I love the third hairstyle! Braids are so pretty....I just bought a skirt that has a little bit of braided trim.

  2. thanks for the inspiration... i'm feeling a braid in the near future.

    also, i really enjoyed seeing all of your ohio pics. beautiful.


  3. Thanks for the mention! I'll be sending your bracelet out today. I love the pie photo!