Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ohio trip. part two.

well, i am back with another post full of photos from my trip to ohio!
there is so much to share that these will be broken up into several posts...
it was such a wonderful time for me & my family.
& ohio really is a beautiful part of this country.
looking at these photos makes me really miss it...

there are so many pretty houses in this area!

& a very pretty church...

the first time i have ever gotten to photograph dogwood blooms!! lovely...

favorite shot of a tiger swallowtail butterfly!! so happy to get this one!!

lots of 3-leaf clovers! awe... they are so cute!

& this amazing view!! all of this green is something i am not used to where i live... i absolutely loved it! (even though the air was a bit more humid than i like it to be!)

{next up} our day going to the glass factories in cambridge...

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  1. absolutely beautiful pictures! I look forward to seeing more :)