Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the biggest loser!

so... has anyone watched this season of the biggest loser on nbc??
well, let me tell you, i love this show!!!
i have been a fan for a while now, but i think this season has been my favorite!
i have really enjoyed watching all of the contestants.
it is so amazing to see their lives transform... physically & so much more...
it's like going on a huge life-changing journey with them & it's so inspiring!!

since the beginning of this season i have loved the the purple team:
hannah & olivia!!
they are sisters & they have made this season so much fun to watch! they are both so pretty, genuine, & funny! well, i am super happy because... they are the 2 guaranteed contestants that have made it to the finale! yay!!

the finale is tonight & i can not wait to watch!!!!!!

here are their before & after photos from "makeover week"! so amazing...

& two more fun things coming this week...
my youngest cousin will graduate from high school on thursday night...
& i am going to a rockies game on saturday! i can't wait!!
summer is offically on it's way.... yay!!!

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  1. i've never seen this show! but the dresses the girls are wearing are absolutely gorgeous!! :) it sounds like a good reality tv show though, not like the mean ones where you have to be mean to the other contestants to win. x