Wednesday, May 25, 2011

summer fashion photography.

i love these stunning fashion photos from ruche. their new summer lookbook is amazing! the photography & art direction is by stephanie williams.
don't these look like a summer dream....

{photos by stephanie williams}


  1. YES AN ABSOLUTE DREAM! I've worked out that if given an opportunity this is the only style of lookbook i'd love to photograph. Not a studio shoot but a location shoot! How amazing and what a dream. I'd stalk Stephanie Williams if I live in the US. ha ha ha. oooooohhhhhhh dreaming.

  2. luisa- to be able to shoot at those amazing locations would be so amazing... her job must be so fun!!

  3. this is just dreamy. i love it.

  4. these photos are absolutely stunning. wow. i could stare at them for ages. i want a bicycle too that has a straw basket all filled with roses. that would be awesome! thanks for posting! now i know i have to check out the whole lookbook!x