Sunday, May 1, 2011

birthday weekend...

one of my favorite things about when my birthday comes around is that the lilacs are in beautiful bloom!!! of course, i have been snapping so many shots of them lately. i love to cut some & bring them inside... they are so pretty & they fill the room with their amazing scent!!
aren't they perfect?!?!?! :)

on saturday, my mom & sister took me out to lunch for my birthday! we went to one of my favorite restaurants called, bambino's!! they have a really great thin-crust pizza buffet... yumm!!

also, we went shopping & they spoiled me so much...
& they made me an amazing coconut cake (one of my favorites)!!
i am so blessed to have them in my life...
i love them so much!!


  1. gorgeous pictures of the lilacs! happy birthday to you, so glad you were able to spend it with your mom and sister. and coconut cake sounds fabulous--i have never had that before!

  2. sounds like a perfect birthday weekend! love the lilac photos - we have a white bush, but it's not blooming yet.

  3. sounds wonderful. beautiful lilacs! love those pics.

  4. Oh lilacs are just too too too pretty! Happy Birthday Sarah. Hope you had an awesome celebration.

  5. Pretty! Happy Birthday! Looks like it was wonderful!

  6. I love lilacs too!! I hope you have a great birthday!!

  7. I love the flowers! ♥ Beautiful!