Thursday, May 5, 2011

the open road...

i love road trips! don't you? :)
well... this weekend i am taking off on a long road trip with my mom, sister, & grandma!! we are going to visit family in ohio & i can hardly wait!! it's been a while since i have taken a road trip, so that should be fun... i hope! i am excited to read some new books & have fun times with my family along the way!
(eehhh... packing... the not so fun part...)
i will be away from "blog land" for a little while...
& my shop will be in vacation mode too.
but when i get back i will have a lot to share!
i plan on taking lots of photos... yay!!!


  1. excited to see your road trip photos...

  2. have a wonderful time! ohio is my neck of the woods!!! can't wait to see lots of photos!

  3. have a great time, yeay for taking lots of photos :)

  4. have a wonderful road trip. i do love road trips. it's something about going on very long drive that i love. can't wait to do it when my girls are a little more grown up. can't wait to see photos!

  5. Yes, I LOVE roadtrips! My husband and I are taking a two week trip out west in July. I can't wait!! Have fun on your trip!