Saturday, May 21, 2011

bridge of dreams in ohio

on our last day in ohio, we went to see the bridge of dreams...
i love this bridge & it is only a few minutes from my aunt's house!
the bridge of dreams is a 370 ft. covered bridge, near brinkhaven, ohio. it was originally built in the 1920s, as a railroad bridge, but it wasn't covered until 1998. it is the third longest covered bridge in the america!
the bridge of dreams goes over the mohican river. it is a pedestrian/bicycling bridge and part of a nature trail. the bridge is closed to vehicular traffic but is often used by amish buggies.
& here is a little more history, if you are interested...
many local people, including the amish community, had a vision of converting the old railroad line into a multi-use trail. this trail would be used by bikers and hikers and would also be open to equestrians and horse-drawn vehicles in an effort to take the local amish buggies out of the path of fast moving automobiles. as a centerpiece for this trail a plan was drawn up to cover the very long bridge. when the idea was suggested at a meeting the response of many members was,"you're dreaming". & that is how the bridge was named...


  1. Thanks for sharing! That is a wonderful bridge and I enjoyed hearing about some of the history behind it!


    P.S. The romantic in me can't help but think that would be an absolutely lovely place for a marriage proposal to occur.

  2. This is beautiful!! Glad you had a nice holiday!! :)

  3. thank you both! :) it was a lovely time away for me & my family!