Monday, May 24, 2010


it's not easy for me to choose my favorite flower... tulips, daisies, lilacs, wild flowers... i love them all! BUT orchids are probably my most favorite! my sister got me one for my birthday a couple of years ago. i was afraid i was going to kill it because i have always seen them as very exotic & delicate flowers. but surprisingly, it has been a very low-maintenance plant. which is perfect, because i have not always been the best with remembering to water it. anyway, my sister bought me another orchid this weekend. a very cute, mini orchid. she is the best ever & i love her so much!! :) i potted it and took photos!!


  1. My favorite flower!... used a ton of them at my wedding... you say it's been easy to care for? What's your secret?? I can't seem to keep mine alive :(

  2. awe, i am sorry. i wish i knew what my secret was... ha! i thought it would be hard, but it hasn't been, for some reason... mine is in a basement window & i only water it once a week or less.

  3. yay for orchids!

    your blog is so lovely! i'm gonna have to take some time to look through your archives :)