Monday, May 17, 2010

my weekend & lots of TtV photos!!

on friday, i got my kodak duaflex vintage camera in the mail, just in time to have fun with it all weekend! i was so excited. also, i went to my grandparent's house with my mom & sister for a delicious dinner! & we played boggle, so fun!

on saturday, i played tennis with my family. shopped for flowers to plant. & went to see letters to juliet with my mom, my sister, & our friend angela. it was a really sweet & funny movie. all of the scenes of italy were amazing... as i watched, i just thought about all of the beautiful photos i could take in a place like that... oh, i loved it!

on sunday, at church, i had to substitute teach for the high school sunday school class, it was interesting... but very fun!!! in the afternoon, my sister & i helped my mom do a ton of yard work! by the end of the day, i was exhausted. but the perfect ending to the perfect weekend was hot coals & roasted marshmallows! :)

so now, on to my photos from the weekend... more from my first attempt at TtV photography....

^ my favorite! :) this is photo is for sale in my etsy shop

planting pretty new flowers! my sister took this one of me. :)

& here are the roasted marshmallows! :)


  1. gorgeous photographs! Is it an instant film or did you take it in to be processed?

    (ps. your gorgeous photo is up, thank for submitting!

  2. thank you!! :)

    this photography is actually called "through the viewfinder", because you used a digital camera to take a photo of what is seen through the large viewfinder of a vintage camera, such as a kodak duaflex! it's a bit little hard, because you have to hold both cameras, but it is really fun!! & i love the results! :)

  3. Love your blog - love it! The photos have such a quality of light. And it's always great to find another sister in Christ!

    xo - Erin

  4. thank you erin! it's lovely to meet you!! :)

  5. It was a extra nice weekend! You get some kind of brain exercise with your "through the viewfinder" photography with it viewing the opposite direction that you move. My engineering mind is trying to understand how it works, of course. I like your first one and also the one of the sky. Luv u, Mom