Friday, May 7, 2010

TtV photography.

at the beginning of the year, i bought a calendar with TtV: "through the veiwfinder" photography in it, by alicia bock! i loved the look of these photos so much, but i figured they were taken with fancy cameras & film... haha! well it turns out TtV is just taking a photograph with one camera, usually digital, of the image displayed on the viewing lens of another camera, usually a vintage twin lens top-view camera. no film is required. so, i looked around on ebay & found a kodak duaflex III vintage camera for only $12.99. yay!!! so... i bought it & now i can not wait to get it in the mail & get started with this fun new project... just in time for summer!! i just love the style of these photos! it is the perfect way to get that authentic vintage charm in a photo, but using a digital camera! plus, i love the square format! :)

here are some amazing TtV photos by alicia bock:
{visit her blog, "bloom, grow, love"} it's full of pretty photos to inspire you!!! :)

have a blessed weekend! ♥

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