Monday, May 10, 2010

favorite old photos.

mother's day was a wonderful day for my family! we went to church, played tennis (forgot the sunscreen, so I got a sunburn...sad), had a BBQ, & ate yummy turtle cheesecake! & of course played games! it was such a fun day, that i didn't even get around to taking any pictures, so i guess i don't have too much to share... BUT i do want to say that i am just so thankful & blessed for my family... my mom, my grandmas, & my aunts have been such special blessings to me. they have taught me so much & they have filled my whole life with joy! i feel like God has given me such a special gift!

here are some of my favorite old photos! i love them so much! 
^ my mom.

^ my grandma. (my mom's mother) 

^ my great aunt & me. :)

^ my grandma (my dad's mother)

^ my aunt (my dad's sister)

i am so blessed!
ps. my birthday film, from last weekend, is in! can't wait to pick it up! {yay} i will post anything that turns out good!!

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