Monday, May 31, 2010

memorial day!

today, i was reminded of how blessed i am to live in america! this is a beautiful country! i am so thankful to those who have sacrificed for this country's freedom. that kind of courage is amazing! i could not imagine living any other place in the world! please keep all of those who are serving our country in your prayers, everyday!

to celebrate memorial day, i went on a picnic, in the mountains, with my mom & sister. we stopped in a pretty little town & there were american flags on every corner... it made me so happy to see!

what a beautiful & blessed day! :)

love this shot!

& the beautiful colorado mountains!

a cute little store!

& in the flower pots! :)

 all photos were taken by me.
i will be posting more photos from my weekend tomorrow!
i took a lot.

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  1. suchhh a beautiful post. we are really so blessed to be here. and so excited for your post to be on my friend steph's blog! yay!!