Friday, September 2, 2011

happy last-weekend-of-summer...

instax mini of me & my sister at water world, last weekend!! so fun!!

i am so excited!! last weekend i took a waterproof camera with me to water world & i should be getting the pictures back today... i can't wait to pick them up! i hope they turned out better than last years... i think they did! there is something so fun about waiting to get film back!

also... this is the last big weekend of the summer!! yay!! i can't believe it's already here... 
tonight i am going to the fair. tomorrow i am going to a hot air balloon festival (see last years). sunday i am going to church & resting. & monday i am going to a picnic at the park for labor day & my brother's birthday! whew!! so much going on! after this weekend, i think i will be officially ready for fall to arrive! :)

do you have any end-of-summer activities for the long weekend? 

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