Tuesday, September 6, 2011

labor day at the park...

afternoon at the park   |   brother's birthday   |   tossing the football
mom & sister riding the train   |   riding the pretty vintage carousel

& here is a little more info about the carousel, because it is one of my favorite things about where i live... it is a #72 Parker/Stein & Goldstein carousel & it has been located at the city park since 1940. it was originally built in 1911 & the horses are believed to be dated in 1902 & 1907.  it has a renovated 1920 wurlitzer military band organ that plays lovely authentic carousel music... i have rode this carousel many time since i was a kid & hearing the music play is one of my favorite things about riding it! it really is magical... :)


  1. Not sure which I love more, the cake or the carousel. :)


  2. Hi Sarah, new to your blog and it is beautiful! I love the story of the carousel and the tradition behind it - looks like a beautiful day at the park.