Monday, September 6, 2010

labor day weekend. {balloons}

every year, on labor day weekend, there is a big hot air balloon festival near where i live. over 100 balloons are sent high into the bright blue morning sky! i completely love it!!

so the fun began when we woke up way before the sun & got ready. it takes a hour to drive to the ballooning location from where i live, so we left at around 5:30am. once we got there, we got a cup of hot chocolate, since it was still pretty cold outside! then, we walked around as all the people started setting up their balloons!! then all of a sudden, dozens of balloons were filling with hot air all around us! it is always so amazing. they are so pretty & colorful. definitely worth the early morning!!!

& i don't know for sure, because i have never gone on a hot air balloon ride, but the idea of floating around the sky in a cute basket beneath a big colorful balloon just seems pretty magical, i think. maybe a little scary too.... haha! has anyone ever taken a hot air balloon ride? i would love to hear what it was like?? :)

so anyway, here are my photos from this beautiful day! :)

^ me & my sister, on our way to the park where the balloons take off!

^ my sister, as the balloons are filling up...

^ me & sister, with the balloons all around us!

^ brother, uncle, me & sister! :)

^ pretty ladies, my mom & sister ♥

^ this is one of my favorite balloons, it is there every year! :)

i love all the designs & colors... so many pretty balloons.

^ one of my favorite shots from the day.

happy labor day!


  1. these are beautiful pictures!!! I have always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride as well!

  2. What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing! I found you through a mutual friend's Google Follows, and am so glad I did. Your site truly brightened my day (pun not really intended). :)

  3. so beautiful! They used to have a hot air balloon festival in my hometown on labor day weekend. I'm so sad they don't do it any more!

  4. What a fabulously fun weekend! Love those balloons and all the gorgeous colors!