Wednesday, September 21, 2011

nail colors for fall...

now that fall is almost officially here (friday!!!) i thought i would share my favorite nail colors for this time of year! i love rusty oranges/reds, dark blues/greens, dusty purples, greys, & gold sparkles! :)
fall nail colors
fall nail colors by brightside02 on

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  1. one of my traditions is to always get a new shade of polish for fall this time of year! i love your collection!

  2. Love those colors! I just got "Rose Run" by Sally Hansen for fall. It's a pretty purple color, though it looked more like a dusty pink in the bottle. I may have to try that olive Essie as well...


  3. Sarah,

    I am so excited for fall colors! :) I have a dark blue polish that I think I am going to put on in the next few days! Super cute blog!

  4. love all of those colors but I especially love the one you are currently wearing! i have almost the same color on right now!

  5. Love your choices! I want to try the Butter brand soon.!/MandyCrandell