Friday, September 23, 2011

happy fall & a 20% off sale...

 i am so excited that fall has officially arrived!! 
to celebrate, i did a fun photo shoot with the little pumpkins that i got last weekend! aren't they cute?! :) i am so excited for all of the fall-ish things to come... yummy soup, apple cider, golden leaves & of course that cool crisp in the air! & hopefully it will come soon, because today the high is 89. :( anyway, it really is a beautiful time of year & i am so excited! 
what do you love most about fall?

ps. i thought it would be fun to celebrate by having a special fall sale...
just use the coupon code: HAPPYFALL20
to get 20% off your whole order!! 
{this sale will last through Sept. 27th}

i hope you all have a lovely first day of fall!!


  1. I LOVE fall! I grew up in the midwest and fall was such a great time of year. However... I live in Arizona now...and it is 107 outside as I speak. Ahhh! This did not stop me from hanging up my fall wreath on my door though! Happy fall love!

  2. awwww those little pumpkins are adorable!!