Wednesday, April 4, 2012

{etsy finds} hoa's jewelry...

 A few days ago, I was invited to check out a jewelry shop called, Hoa's! Of course, I was happy to! I love discovering new jewelry designs on Etsy!! Right away, I loved the Circle Ring & the Infinity Ring. They are both in sterling silver, which is great... Plus, lately I am drawn to simple & clean designs like these! 
I also love that so much of the design inspiration comes from nature... 
There are touches of branches, leaves, flowers... in many of the pieces!
Everything is made by hand & each items seems to be crafted very well! 
{ Please check out Hoa's Jewelry on Etsy }


  1. i adore the leaf pendant. so lovely!

  2. oh i can see why you are drawn to this shop...beautiful, a simple, organic, light fresh feeling....sort of like your blog ;)

    I love that first ring!

  3. So, so gorgeous! I really love that branch.