Friday, April 13, 2012

DIY dip-dyed t-shirt + a few snapshots...

I am so excited to share about this new dip-dyed t-shirt that I recently made! My favorite thing to wear is jeans & a t-shirt... So, I figured that this "DIY" would be a great way to make a plain t-shirt really fun & cute! I really enjoyed doing this project & I love the way my new shirt turned out! 
I am already excited to do it again, with other colors! :)
How I did it...
So, I bought a plain white t-shirt (cotton/ployester blend) & a bottle of Rit dye in "sunshine orange". I used a big, deep stainless steel lid to mix the dye & it was the perfect size. You can use a plastic storage tub or whatever you can find that will be big enough for the the shirt to be dipped into. To mix the dye, I followed the directions on the bottle. Directions may vary depending on the brand of dye you use. 

Once the dye was ready, I wet down my shirt with warm water. I put the shirt on a hanger to help keep it straight as I dipped it into the dye. The first dip went up to the highest place that I wanted the color to go & then I pulled it out of the dye right away, because this is the lightest shade. The next dip was halfway up & I left it in the dye for 3-4 minutes. The final dip for the bottom was the darkest shade of the shirt, so I left it in for 5-6 minutes. I wanted my color gradation to be subtle & well blended, so that's how I did it! You can play around with it depending on what you want your shirt to look like. If you want it darker you just need to leave it in the dye for longer. 

After I finished dying it, I hung it outside on a clothes line to let it dry & let the color soak in. You can lay it flat if you'd like. Once my shirt was dry, I washed it in warm water, with a little bit of detergent. If you use a washing machine, it is important that you wash it alone or with dark colors, because the dye will bleed on to other light clothes. 

(For more specific instructions refer to the tutorial on Wit & Whistle...)

Also, while I was at it, I dip-dyed a couple of canvas tote bags too!
They turned out great! So, I put one in my shop!!

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& Here are a few snapshots from lately...
Yesterday, I went to lunch with my mom & sister to our favorite pizza place, Bambinos! They have a lunch buffet, with several different kinds of pizza, pasta & dessert pizza. It is all so amazing!! It's a good thing I don't go their very often... ha!

We also went shopping at Super Target, which I always love! My sister got me that Essie polish for an early birthday present... Yay! We also had to get some of their Peach Pear Italian Soda, love it!!

That mountain view is of Pikes Peak & it's actually from the restaurant window. So beautiful!

& The last picture is what I have written from the book of James, for Beth Moore's study Mercy Triumphs!
I am writing out chapter 5 right now, so I am almost finished! I have never written out a whole book of the Bible before, but I have really enjoyed doing it. Of course, I used multi-colored pens!


  1. Tye dying is so fun. My friend from Maryland and I made matching tye dye t-shirts one time! I love your cute little outfit with your shoes and rolled up jeans. You're so pretty!
    Great photos. That pizza looks so delish! Are you on Instagram?


  2. love your shirt and bag! they came out so well. how does it get that faded look though, instead of a block of light, a block of medium and a block of dark? do you hold at all in between for transitioning between sections? and the book of james is one of my faves. sounds like a good study :)

  3. Your t-shirt and bag are so pretty - they turned out great. Perfect for summer :)

  4. Great shirt! The color is lovely. :)