Sunday, April 1, 2012

week fourteen & more bible verses...

Honestly, I have gotten a little bit behind lately on the memorizing part.... I have been working on Beth Moore's study of James, which is were my verses have come from over the last few weeks & I am enjoying it very much! But I haven't really been studying my verses like I should. Anyway, it is a new week & time to start working harder! So, I will continue on with my next verse & I will try harder to dedicate a special time of the day to study more! Can't give up! :)

Also, I just recently made these new scripture art prints & I love the way they turned out! I always think it's such a good idea to post favorite Bible verses around your house... They can be such great reminders throughout your day... Maybe these will inspire you! They are for sale in my etsy shop!!


  1. wish you´ve had a wonderful weekend!

  2. I really love the James 1:17 print!