Saturday, April 28, 2012

snapshots from my week...

Lately, I have been enjoying my orchid blooms... They are so pretty & I love how long they last!

I just started reading this, again!

Sitting outside, with my hot tea, doing Bible study... it was a perfect morning!

This week, I completed my study on the book of James! I learned so many new things & I was challenged in so many ways. It was a powerful study & I plan to write a special post about it soon...

Here is my cute doggie relaxing after after a typical evening walk... She looks pretty happy!!
Walks are her favorite! Every time she sees tennis shoes going on, she loses it!

The weather has been so much like summer lately! One day this week the high was 91 degrees!!! 
In April??? So crazy! I have definitely been keeping the windows open lately.

This week... I painted my nails with a bold shade of coral & I love it!
I have a feeling I am going to be wearing this color a lot this spring & summer!

Just me... This week I wore shorts & sandals a lot!!

Clearly, I have been enjoying Instagram lately... It's so much fun!!!
My username is sarah_brightside if you'd like to follow along!


  1. the photos are amazing :) love all of them,keep posting your wonderful pictures girl :D

  2. Those orchid blooms are truly gorgeous!
    They are so vibrant.

    Always enjoy your photos, Sarah.

    Oh, and that Jane Austen quote cup made me smile! =)

  3. I've never read Mere Christianity although I think it's on our shelf somewhere. Maybe I should put it on my list?
    Also, please send some of your summer our way!

  4. I really enjoy following along with you Sarah! And as I said, that book is so so GOOD! I think you said you've read it once before...;)