Thursday, April 19, 2012

life in snapshots, lately...

So, earlier this week I got a new phone! (kind of an early birthday present...) Yay! So, thanks to the new app for androids... I am officially on Instagram!! So exciting!! It is so fun to take & share snapshots this way! My user name on Instagram is sarah_brightside... Of course, I would love to follow you if you are on Instagram! Also, I downloaded the Retro Camera app & I have been having fun with that too! :)
So, here are a few of my snapshots from the last couple days...

This morning I sat outside & worked on Bible study! The amazing scent of lilacs filled the air! There was a breeze, but the sun was warm! I looked up at the bright blue sky, as clouds came in... & I felt so full of hope! I really felt like it all was a gift from God!! There are so many things to be thankful for, even in the midst of a few struggles... My grandpa is currently in the hospital & my aunt is getting ready to start very intense chemo treatments... It's hard sometimes. But I am praying for them a lot & I can feel God's love, hope, peace, & joy ALWAYS!



  1. So happy you are on Instagram now! Going to go find you in a bit :)

  2. I am so finding you on IG yay!!!! YOu will have the most beautiful pictures of all, and follow me IF you don't mind seeing my pooch flood my stream...hahaha it's not too bad :-)

    I love the shots you got so far, so so pretty and light..I have never heard of that other Retro app you are talkin bout, i'll have to look for it, and yes happy early Bday to you!

  3. sending prayers your way for your grandpa and aunt! i just downloaded instagram for my android and i'm hooked! i looked you up and am following, laceykrueger, if you want to follow back! :)

  4. Instagram is great isn't it? Your pictures are so lovely - love the peek of crochet there:) Best wishes to your family

  5. Oh how I wish instagram worked on my phone :( Lovely photos, and it is SO relaxing to be able to sit outside and enjoy the smell of flowers.
    Thoughts and prayers for your grandpa and aunt!