Monday, June 6, 2011

it is summer time!!

photos from my weekend...
on friday, we went to the drive-in (packing up our blankets, camping chairs, & of course, our favorite candies!) to see kung fu panda & the new pirates movie.... it was a lot of fun & both movies were good! i love to go to the drive-in, hopefully it will happen often throughout the summer!
saturday was the anniversary of the day that my beautiful aunt passed away (6 years ago). we wanted to do something special, as we thought of her... & because she loved dr.pepper, we had to get some! i try not to drink it too often, but i love dr. pepper too, especially in the cute glass bottles!! :)

starting a fire & roasting marshmallows is a perfect summer treat!
this happen twice over the weekend. ha!

the 90 degree weather we've been having called for
my sister & i to give our dog a much needed bath...
she really hates getting baths!!
later we had to take her on a walk, so that she would like us again, because that is her favorite thing in the world. she gets so excited when she sees our tennis shoes & her leash!! (funny doggie...)
isn't that face the sweetest?
those eyes... awee.... i just love her!!

i am so happy to feel summer in the air
& to see all the pretty flowers in bloom!
i can never get enough of photos like these...

& snacking on sweet cherries!! yumm...

what a beautiful summer-filled weekend it was!


  1. Sarah, what a perfect summer weekend! I can't believe you have a drive-in to go to, that must be so fun! And I definitely have to make some s'mores now, ASAP!

  2. What a wonderful weekend! I ate a ton of cherries myself. :)