Thursday, June 9, 2011

book review: "reshaping it all"

like so many, i grew up watching DJ Tanner grow up on tv...
(confession: full house is still one of my favorite tv shows!!)
so when i heard that Candace Cameron Bure had a book coming out,
i definitely had to read it...
because i looked up to Candace when i was younger, i knew that this book would be fun to read! i really love how she shares so much about her Christian faith & the way she lives her life! this book is more than a typical biography, as it is mostly about keeping physically & spiritually healthy every day! so often the two go together & i really believe that we need encouragement in that area on a daily basis.

Candace shares the struggles she has had with food & how the Lord has given her freedom from that. it's easy to she how truly healthy she is now, in every way & she always gives glory to the Lord. throughout the book i felt so inspired, because she genuinly loves the Lord & living a healthy life!

one of my favorite thing about this book is that each chapter has scripture applied throughout. each passage touches perfectly on the subject that she is sharing at the time. because of that, i got even more out of the book than i expected! i also love that she included letters from fans, recipes that she uses regularly & many other quotes & pieces of advice! & of course it was fun to read a little bit about candace's life growing up & her sweet family... (bonus, this book has a section of photos & who doesn't love that?!)

i thought it would be fun to share a some of my favorite parts from the book...

"no discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it." {Heb. 12:11}

"we as believers follow the Spirit of truth, and we do our best to stick to that truth as we yield to to God's plan for our life. The world sees it another way: the body is in charge, and if the heart longs to overindulge in food or narcotics, it does."

"being a Christian who is trying to live a life that's pleasing to God doesn't mean that life is a drag. I haven't lost out on anything; i've only gained perspective on life, peace, joy, fulfillment and purpose. God gives me all those things. that's something the world can never fulfill because it constantly begs me to get more, reach a higher status, and keep acquiring stuff. it never satisfies."

"things that you think are imperfections are God's own craftsmanship. in fact the most beautiful things about us are usually those things we don't see in the mirror."

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  1. I've really been wanting to read this book. After your post I know I've got to go get a copy. Thanks for sharing!