Friday, June 3, 2011

happy friday!

like a lot of people, i love watching the food network! i really enjoy cooking & baking!! & of course, i love to eat yummy food!! what a wonderful gift God has blessed us with! i always think about how fun it would be to photograph food for magazines or cookbooks, a dream job!! :) so... here are a few "foodie" shots that i have taken lately...
fresh eggs from my auntie's chickens, in ohio... we brought some home with us!

& lately i have been snacking on oranges a lot... yumm!! they are so pretty!

what a wonderful & creative God we have to make something as simple as our food, so beautiful! we are blessed is so many little ways!

&... it's the weekend! yay!!
this weekend, i will be....
probably doing some yard work.
hopefully roasting marshmallows! :)
maybe going to the drive-in to see the new "pirates" movie.
hopefully getting out to play some tennis with my family!
definitely relaxing, because i feel like it is officially summer time now!


  1. yes summer is definitely here! i'm not a fan of oranges myself though because i find the taste of them too intense! is that weird? (yes) haha :) it sounds like you have a great weekend planned :) x

  2. Lovely foodie photos! Hope you had a fun weekend :)