Monday, April 12, 2010

through my camera lens...

{weekend adventures} downtown...
> the train depot! the first shot was through the window into a train and it caught some of reflections of the other trains too! for some reason, i love this photo!!
> this was taken by my sister. she was taking pictures with my digital camera, while i was shooting film. i think it's a really good picture.
> me with my old film camera!
> we ate the yummiest hambergers & fries at gold dust!
> & we got frozen yogurt from a new place downtown. i put reese's pb cups, kit kats, turtle bites, and chocolate sauce on mine. went from being healthy... to not. but yummy! :)
> all of the trees were in bloom! love this time of year downtown! so pretty! i took some of the trees +more on film ... {praying my film turned out.}
> we went to an art gallery to see some pretty art & we went to my favorite antique store to look around!! i took pictures of all the pretty vintage treasures... :)

> & of course us having fun at the antique store... :)

> it was a beautiful weekend... lots of fun & sunshine!! i can't wait to get my film developed and share what comes out!!! that is always so exciting!
anyway, i hope everyone has a blessed monday!


  1. I love all the pics!! I wish I would have been hanging out with you guys instead of doing yard work!

  2. awe... i should have called you! we miss you!!! we probably should have been doing yard work too though... haha!