Saturday, April 24, 2010

"let's get together, yeah, yeah, yeah..."

last night, i watched my most favorite childhood movie, the parent trap (1961), for maybe the 200th time!! you know how kids are with movies they love... when i was a kid, we would watch movies until the VCR actually ate the tape. thanks to technology, kids don't have to worry about that anymore... haha!

yes, i loved that movie. & of course i still do love it. i still daydream about living in that beautiful california ranch house... ahhh!! if you have never seen the movie, watch these videos to see what it looks like! oh my goodness, it is so pretty & definitly has that 60s charm!! i love it!

plus, isn't the vintage clothes amazing!?!?


  1. There's something so lovely, witty and charming about the way actresses from that era spoke and carried themselves!

  2. i went under your "faith" tab and found that quote about truth by jon foreman. i love it! wow. thanks for sharing.

  3. Michelle- i completely agree. :)

    Taylor- i am so glad you found that! jon foreman is amazing! i loved that so much too!!