Friday, April 9, 2010

weekend: film

i am so excited! the weather is supossed to be so nice this weekend! & i have been wanting to get some good film shots lately... i am not the best with film, but i am excited to put a roll in this camera and go to some of my favorite areas downtown & see what happens! :)

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here is something so exciting about film, that you don't get with digital. there is a mystery to each picture and you have to be more patient! i love that. obviously i can't afford to shoot with film all the time, but that makes it even more fun when i do!
here are some beautiful film shots that inspire me:

1. {source: buttonmooon}

2. {source: breath of life}

3. {source: leo patrone film photography}
he shoots weddings, portraits, & more...
all with film!
& they are amazing!

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