Tuesday, July 3, 2012

snapshots from lately

sparkling lemonade  //  perfect strawberry  //  sunflower  //  baby tomatoes

Over the weekend, I went to a Beth Moore conference with several ladies in my church! It was my first time ever seeing her live & it was amazing! She shared a wonderful message about finishing what we start & seeing things through to the finish, so that we can be used by God in amazing ways. God has a wonderful plan for all of us, even when it's hard to see, we just have to persevere. It was a powerful message, especially because the conference was in Colorado Springs, where many people were deeply affected by the horrible wildfire. One of her points that I loved was that God will bring beauty from ashes. With God, there is always hope! I know that evacuees were able to attend this event for free, so I hope that the ones who went felt that hope that only comes from God. I am so thankful & blessed by Beth Moore's ministry & her genuine love for teaching God's Word! (Here is a little recap on her blog.)

pretty building  //  lunch at red robin

On Sunday morning, we had to wake up very early to take my grandma to the airport... 
The beautiful sunrise made it worth it! So pretty!
And then we had even more unexpected fun...
We stopped for doughnuts! Yumm...
And, as we were driving along, we saw a hot air balloon!! Yay!
Then, the day got even more crazy, because my grandma actually ended up missing her flight in Colorado Springs, so we had to drive her to Denver to catch her connection flight. We got there with very little time for her to catch her flight, but they actually gave me a "boarding pass" to go through security & help her get to her gate, so that was interesting... We made it with 20 minutes to spare. Now she is in Ohio spending time with her sister!! It was an unexpected adventure, but it all worked out. Praise Jesus! And since we were in Denver, we decided to make a stop at Ikea!!! :)


  1. I loved both times I saw Beth live! She is so spirit-filled! You can't help but feel it! Any those hot air balloons? amazing!

  2. Oh, Sarah!!!! Those hot air balloon photos are stunning! I would absolutely hang one of them on my wall. Gorgeous!

    This was a lovely post. I enjoyed reading it.

  3. amazing pictures as always dear :)

  4. Your tones are always so dreamy! What app did you use for the hot air balloon photos?


  5. What a great adventure you had! There were misfortunes but yeah, it all went well in the end! ♥

  6. Mmm, that lemonade looks divine! And I am loving those hot air balloons!! The ones we have around here never look that cool!

  7. czenkovich@yahoo.com7/6/12, 12:48 PM

    I enjoy each and every one of your posts:)