Wednesday, July 25, 2012

afternoon in the mountains

Trips to the mountains are one of my favorite things about living in Colorado! 
The air is cool & fresh and there are so many beautiful things to see!
It is a blessing to be able to "getaway from it all" even if it's only for an afternoon...
As we were driving we saw this mama & baby deer! I zoomed in as much as I could to get this photo.
It's not the best shot, but I love that they are both looking right at me!! So cute! :)

More photos from this adventure coming soon...


  1. Oh, so lovely, Sarah!

    Luke and his family just recently spent a week and a half in CO. They too enjoyed the mountains, fresh air, and the gorgeous views.

    These photos are truly splendid! You have such a great eye, Sarah! Really and truly.

  2. Beautiful landscape photos

  3. Beautiful! I would LOVE to visit Colorado one day. That deer is so cute - just like Bambi!

  4. I want to go out in the nature. So sick of being a city girl.

  5. So beautiful - your photographs are amazing. I would love to visit Colorado one day.

  6. Log cabins!!! That is crazy beautiful! Animals, flowers and gorgeous land, doesn't get much better, does it? God is AMAZING!

  7. Beautiful photos Sarah! You've got a real talent for capturing beauty :)

  8. hey you got a beautiful blog... hope we can follow each other.....

  9. Oh my goodness. I'm pretty sure I need to move to Colorado asap. Just so I can see this beauty every day.