Wednesday, July 11, 2012

snapshots from lately

Earlier this week we had a little break from the hot weather. It has been so nice! 
Last night the weather was perfect for taking a little walk around the pond.
Also, we have gotten some rain, which we really needed!!! Thank you Jesus! :)

Lately, I am loving this Canadian tv show called Heartland... It is about a family that runs a horse ranch in Canada. I think I am living vicariously through this show... ha!! The library had season 2 on DVD, so lately this is what I have been watching!! The show is actually going into it's 6th season in Canada (the US is a few seasons behind) so I have a lot more to watch... Yay!! Has anyone else seen this show?

        This homemade berry pie (with berries from the garden) is long gone now... but it turned out amazing!
And currently I have been reading through Proverbs!

Snapshots are from my Intsagram... 
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PS. I decided to change my blog format... I wanted it to be more simple & clean! And because so much of my content is photos I wanted the layout to be better for that too. All of my "sidebar items" (archives, categories, followers, etc.) are now at the very bottom of my blog. I am liking the look & feel of it so far... I hope you do too! :)


  1. I love the format! And these pictures are so peaceful and making me wish I wasn't in this 108 degree heat! Thank you for letting me jump into the cool and peaceful scenery for a while! ;)

  2. Lovely photos! That pie looks amazing!

  3. ah, i love the new format.

  4. I'm kind of comment-crazy on here today, sorry for that.
    I don't know what the old layout looked like, but I really like this one! The color scheme is great!

  5. I really like the new layout hon, it looks great and seems to fit for you.
    Do you have the pie recipe?! I love to bake pies!!! And I really adore those purple flowers man oh man. Cute collection of your summer happenings:)

  6. I LOVE Heartland! My husband mocks me for watching it but whatever! The filming takes place about 6 hours from where I live.