Tuesday, July 17, 2012

inspired by wild horses

Lately, I have been very inspired by the beauty of horses... Oh, they are such amazing & beautiful animals! 
Often times I daydream that I  live on a ranch in the middle of the country & have my own horses... 
Of course, in reality, I have only ridden horses a few times in my life, so it probably isn't going to happen... 
but it's a nice little daydream!! :)

All of these horse photos are by Irene Suchocki & they are breathtaking! 
She really knows how to capture the beauty & the emotion of wild horses... 
Also, she has many more amazing shots on her blog for sale in her etsy shop. 
Many of them are from her travels to Paris & London... so, of course I love those too! 
She is a very talented photographer! Be sure to check out her  blog & shop.


  1. These are beautiful!! :D

    Same here. ;) I've had day-dreams of owning horses since I was a little kid. They're such majestic creatures.

  2. Yes these are beautiful, thank you for sharing her details with us, I love horses myself!!!

  3. That last one is incredible!
    PS Thanks for the follow over on my blog! :)

  4. Those are gorgeous shots. I don't think I've ever seen such beautiful horses. I have always wanted to go to Chincoteague and see the wild horses swim across the channel.

  5. Irene's work is always stunning and inspiring. I would love to be around wild horses.