Tuesday, July 31, 2012

happy things from lately

Love this silly girl!!

I was surprised to find this beautiful cover of Emma at Target... Of course, I had to buy it!!

Summer day at Water World!!! Sadly, the park closed at about 2, because a storm came in...
But we did get to enjoy our time until then & they gave us a half-day ticket for next time!

Our tradition of Pizza Hut after Water World, because that's the only time it's guilt-free!!

And... lately, I have been enjoying a couple of favorite goodies that my Grandma brought us from Ohio! 
These are made by the Amish where my aunt lives... Yumm!


  1. That is a very unique cover for Emma!
    I've never seen on like it before.

    But, I have heard that they're been updating paper back covers of classic literature a lot lately to try to appeal to a younger audience too.

  2. The water park looks like so much fun! It's too bad that you didn't get to stay very long.

    But on the bright side, at least you enjoyed some pizza! (which by the way, looks soo good!) ;)

  3. i STILL haven't been to waterworld! i hear it's so fun.

  4. Water World looks awesome! The waterpark near me is pretty small. There's another one in the area with a simulated surfing ride that I want to check out.


  5. Oh I love Pizza Hut! So divine! And that book cover is adorable, definitely wouldn't be able to pass on that!