Sunday, March 20, 2011

happy spring!! & weekend photos...

i just have to say...
it is officially spring!!! yay!!! 
sunday was a perfect way to start the season... the weather was so beautiful!!
we went to church! watched a rockies game! went for a walk!
& ate homemade strawberry shortcake, made with these beauties...
on saturday, my sister & i went to meet our friend's brand new baby girl!!
awe, she is so sweet! i loved taking photos of her, she just posed perfectly...

& here is one of me holding the sweet baby girl! :)
what a special weekend...
i hope yours was too!


  1. awww that picture where her arms are raised :) my goodness, she's adorable!

    also, i just ate strawberry shortcake as tonight's dessert. it was delicious and reminded me of the time of year i so wish it already was!

    i just realized i haven't entered your giveaway so i'll go do that right now

  2. what a precious baby!! Happy Spring!! :)

  3. ahhhhh such a cute little baby!! Those pictures are too cute for words!

    Just found your blog, it is adorable, I love your header :)

  4. such beautiful photos! there is nothing better than a brand new baby in the spring, she is so darling!

  5. Love this post! Such pretty pictures, and what a precious little darling you have!! ♥

  6. thank you all so much! i so love the way they turned out...

    & btw- she is my friend's little girl! :)