Saturday, March 26, 2011

saturday snapshot!

{i am linking up with yellow songbird for today's "saturday snapshot"}

snapshot details:
this is me & my sister on a camping trip in the summer of 2008! we were relaxing along the arkansas river in colorado! this is one of my many amazing memories of trips around the beautiful colorado mountains... i absolutely love where i live! ♥ & this shot makes me long for summer time!


  1. looks like fun!!
    coming over from yellow songbird ;-)

  2. what a gorgeous pic! this makes me REALLY want summer! i can't wait to wear flip flops again! (here from yellow songbird) ; )

  3. your picture makes me excited for camping season!

    and the post below makes me want to go bake some brownies! :)

    happy saturday!

  4. such a cute picture of the two of you. almost makes me wish i had a sister!

  5. where in colorado were you? this is such a sweet sister shot :) thanks for linking up!

  6. thank you all so much!! :)

    kim- we were in cotopaxi, colorado! :)