Sunday, March 13, 2011

through my lens {lately}

i ♥ my new 50mm lens!!

it was a pretty quite & restful weekend for me...
so, there is not much to share, other than these recent photos.

oh & i have to share that i have basically watched "i love lucy" all.weekend.long.
(thank you hallmark channel for the marathon)
it's timeless & so funny... i love it!

ps. the nail polish (pictured above) is called "plum luck"
& be sure to watch my blog for a special giveaway coming this week!


  1. That nail polish is so pretty! And so are you! :)

  2. you are adorable! and purple must be hot right now cause my nails are the same color! lovely.

  3. Oh, I love these pictures of you and your camera.
    And those cookies...YUM.
    Are they girl scout cookies? B/c I found some just like them by Keebler in the grocery store. Jack pot.

  4. thank you all, so much! :)

    lindsay- yes, they are girl scout cookies... but i definitely need to look for the keebler ones, because i love those! thanks for sharing that!

  5. i just found your blog and have been scrolling through. i love all of it so far! our pictures are so good!
    also is that not the best polish ever! i have it in lots of different colors. i don't think i will ever buy another brand again that kind works so good! :)