Saturday, March 12, 2011

{saturday snapshot}

i am linking up with kim of yellow songbird for "saturday snapshot"! it's so fun to go back & look at old photos... plus, i know that i have never shared this photo on here before, which is a shame, because it's one of my most favorite photos! :)
so here it is:
this is me with my mom & sister, swimming with dolphins in mexico! so much fun!!
one of my most favorite memories...
we went with two of our close friends to riviera maya, mexico & it was definitely a dream vacation! we had many fun adventures... relaxed by the pool & ordered fancy drinks... & made tons of great memories!! it's something i will always cherish!

do you have a photo that you really love & want to share??
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  1. eeep! i've always wanted to swim with dolphins! what a blast!!!

  2. what a great photo! I would love to swim with dolphins someday!

  3. it was such a great experience!! they are really amazing animals! :)

  4. i love dolphins!!!

    thanks for linking up :)

  5. fun! what an adventure.
    {stopping by from the party!}

  6. that's such a cute picture! if i had a bucket list, that would for sure make it!

    just came to say hi from yellow songbird

  7. thank you all for stopping by to see my "saturday snapshot"!! so fun! :)