Wednesday, July 2, 2014

travel | estes park, colorado

Last week, my mom, sister and I went on vacation!!! We wanted to keep our vacation close to home, so we decided to go to Estes Park and Denver (2-3 hours away). I love Colorado, so being a tourist in my own state is always okay with me. 
Also, staying closer to home meant spending less time traveling, so we were able to use most of our time doing fun things!

Our plan was to start off in Estes Park for a few days, then Denver for a few days... but we spent the first night in Denver, because an opportunity came up to see a play of one of my favorite musicals, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! 
It happened to be playing in the area and my mom knew someone that was in it, so we couldn't miss out. It really was a dream come true to see this play! The actors did such an amazing job with the amount of singing and dancing involved. Growing up watching the movie, I wondered if they would be able to pull off the cast and some of the scenes as well as in the movie... but they did an amazing job, especially with the "barn raising dance"! (If you have never seen the movie, it is a must see!!)

After the play, we spent the night in Denver and the next day we left for Estes Park! First, we checked into our very small and rustic cabin. My sister and I had to sleep on bunk beds and honestly I can not say I enjoyed sleeping on the bottom bunk very much... haha! But it was only for a couple of nights and we had a little porch swing and our own fire pit!

Since our first day in Estes was not a full day we decided to stay close to the cabin. Thankfully Lake Estes is right next to the KOA we were staying at! Even though there was a lot of traffic and people around, it was still really nice to walk by the water and take some photos.

Also, really close by, was one on of the nicest mini-golf courses that I have ever seen, so we decided to do that before dinner! There were trees, flowers and waterfall features ever where, which made it really fun!

The golf course had some pretty Columbines (the Colorado State Flower), so that was a fun photo-op!

After mini-golf, we went back to our cabin to have dinner & s'mores from the fire pit and watch the sun set over the Rocky Mountains. Vacation was off to a great start!

Coming Next... Hiking in Rocky Mountian National Park!!

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