Thursday, June 12, 2014

photography | pretty house + more

During our Memorial Day adventures we came upon this beautiful house that is rented out for events. There were no people around, so we explored just a little bit. There was a picnic table right next to the house under some trees, so we stopped there for a rest. This was such a beautiful area!

I took these next two photos peeking through the windows of the house... :)

We also came across this cute little white chapel. There were so many special things in this area!

And when we saw this open grassy area we knew we had to take some fun running/jumping photos. 
While we were there we met a little squirrel friend. He was pretty cute.

And here is a GIF I made, just because it is fun! It sums up how great our day was!!

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  1. What a gorgeous house! I'd love to explore it.