Tuesday, July 29, 2014

travel | shopping in estes park

For our last day in Estes Park we decided to spend part of the day walking around the city, shopping & eating, before heading back to Denver. (We were tired and sore from all the hiking the day before, so this sounded perfect!) The city in Estes Park is really pretty. We went into several fun shops, a nice art gallery and the pizza place we ate at was right by the river! I ended up getting a cute Estes Park T-shirt and a Turquoise Necklace that I love. (Turquoise is my favorite and I always look for it in places like this!) One of my favorite shops was The Estes Park Taffy Company. Their taffy is great and they have the most amazing salted caramels, which was a bit unexpected. If you want a sweet treat and you are in Estes Park, this is the place to go. The Danish Cone Factory is a part of it and they have a good variety of ice cream and unique flavored cones. A really great find! 
I love places like this... going into fun shops and walking outside on a beautiful day is a really great combination!
After we got some ice cream and taffy, we stopped to sit on a bench right beside some Queen Anne's Lace (!!!)
and of course, I had to take a few photos! So pretty...

Such a beautiful day!

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