Monday, May 13, 2013

photography: i got a lensbaby!!!

First, I have to say, I think the above photo is my most favorite photo from recently!! The character of that old mailbox with the combination of that dreamy tilt-shift focus just makes me incredibly happy! Haha!!

I have always thought that there was something so special about tilt-shift photography. I have always loved the way it can take an average photo & give it the most unique quality. A perfectly dreamy look that is captured straight in the camera is so exciting. I love post-processing & using my Photoshop Elements, but with a tilt-shift lens, you can have so much more fun just within the camera & ultimately that is my favorite!

Last year, I tried to get that tilt-shift quality by playing with the "freelensing" technique... it was fun & I liked the photos that came from it... Of course, it was far more difficult & scary than using a lens that was made specifically to do the job. So, this year, for my birthday, I treated myself to the Lensbaby Composer!!!
Of course, you could spend a lot of money on a tilt-shift lens but the Composer was within my budget & I felt like it would be good quality. I bought the Composer from Amazon, because it is discontinued on the Lensbaby website, but they do have other options too. And thanks to Laney for her advice, I have always loved her lensbaby photos!

Anyway, these photos were the very first shots I took using my new lens & I am very happy with the results, so far! And I am so excited that I got it right now, so that I can take it along for my little summer adventures!


  1. These are wonderful! I definitely have to get one now!

  2. These are really neat, Sarah!

    I am so glad you're getting to have fun with a new tool.

  3. Amazing photos, Sarah! I love that mailbox one too. Wow, I've never heard of this composer, but I want to play with it now - it looks so fun! I've always loved tilt-shift photography!

  4. I like that you often don't notice the blurred effect straight away - but it really brings something to the photos. Yay for new lenses!

    Rach @

  5. ove the photos! and love the got-new-lens feeling haha :D ♥

  6. Tilt shift photography is so cool! I know you'll love it more and more!