Saturday, August 25, 2012

freelensing peach roses

I don't have a tilt-shift lens, so to get these pretty focus effects I played with freelensing...
It's really fun & I love the soft pretty look of these photos! 


  1. These are lovely, Sarah! I think the third one is my favorite.

    Free-lensing sounds very interesting. I enjoyed reading about it a little bit. Was this your first time to try free-lensing? =)

  2. The colors are so amazing. And you did a great great job on the free lensing. Tried it myself too. =)

  3. So, so beautiful using this technique!

  4. I love these photos. I just came across freelensing a few weeks ago but haven't had a very good chance to experiment yet. These roses look like a great way to use freelensing!